What to Know About Water Heaters

What to Know About Water Heaters

This highly informative video from this Old House, provides information about all the things you need to know about a gas and electric water heater. Have you ever wondered how a water heater creates hot water? This video will answer all of your questions.

Take a look inside a gas heater and an electric to become more familiar with some of the parts that can go bad on your heater. You will also learn about maintenance tips to care for your heater.

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This video also introduces the viewer to the latest technology used to heat water. Learn more about a hybrid type heater that uses a heat pump to heat up water and on-demand heaters. There is a lot of good information contained in this video that can help you to take care of the heater that you have and make decisions about which type you should choose if it is time for a replacement.

There is a lot to learn about ways to heat your water and care for your system and this video does an excellent job of delivering all the information. Watch now to learn more.


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