Video: The Next Best Thing to Being an Apprentice

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You can learn a lot of things from books, and you can get a lot of ideas from pictures. But when it comes to DIY home improvement ideas, the how to videos home improvement sites provide is absolutely invaluable to getting the job done right the first time

There are tons of sources of inspiration online, but you may not grasp right away the way it all works, or how you can put it all together. If the poster of the idea provides written instructions or helpful hints, the chances are nearly 50-50 that they are any good at explaining anything in writing. That particular skill is in disappointingly short supply online.

But even if the instructions were written by professionals, and the books published by major home improvement chains, there can still be gaps in the information that might not be apparent to the authors. And there will certainly be a learning curve for any technique involved.

Home improvement videos are the answer. You can actually see how someone achieves a particular effect. You can see their angles, their postures, their grips. You can be better prepared for difficult stages in the project. And you can stop and start the video over to your heart’s content, until you feel confident enough to start working.

Video is a great equalizer. Whether the how to videos home improvement sites provide are produced by professionals or amateurs, the information speaks for itself. In fact, it’s possible you might learn more from an amateur, since they may take the time to explain and demonstrate basic techniques that a pro might not waste time on.

If you’ve had a really great (or really horrible) experience with online home improvement videos, feel free to share it in the comments below

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