Three Tips for Giving Your Living Room Decor a More Cohesive Appearance

Living room artwork

Did you know that footstools first became popular in Ancient Greece and the Byzantine Empire? At that point, they were created to match thrones for magistrates and kings. By the 17th century, though, the common person was also using the footstool as a way to keep feet off cold floors.

Today, footstools are often one component of living room furniture sets. Trying to get your living room to come together in a cohesive manner? Here are three tips for better home decor.

1. Living Room Area Rugs

Rugs are a multifunctional addition to any room. They can help balance out design, provide warmth to reposed toes, and create an atmosphere of elegance and comfort. When you are looking for an area rug, consider the dimensions of your room, and the orientation of the furniture. Ideally there is usually about a foot of rug extending out from table edges. Often, couches and chairs are placed along or on top of carpet sides in order to reduce the exacting geometry of the rectangular shape. Look for discount area rugs that offer rich contrast with other tones of your room, while also complementing the overall appearance and function.

2. Living Room Sets for Sale

Furniture sets can be a great way to both save money and make sure that your many pieces match each other. Buying furniture pieces one at a time can often lead to a mish mash of clashing styles. Consider color, shape and style when you pick different pieces. L shaped couches are very “in” right now, and they help to give rooms a unified, relaxing feel. Try to create a focal point in how you arrange your room, whether it’s the fireplace or the center couch. Living room sets for sale are available in many material types; leather is popular because it is durable, easy to clean, and ages well, becoming softer over time.

3. Living Room Artwork

For some people, finding the right artwork for a room is instinct; for others, a bit of guidance is necessary. Size, color, and style are all important factors in determine what pieces will fit nicely with your existing decor. If you are choosing a piece to go above a sofa, for example, your painting should be wider than it is long, filling at least half the space above the sofa. A large painting helps make the space feel expansive; a small painting will make the wall look empty and incomplete. If you have used red as an accent piece in the room, a painting done in red, yellow and blue tones can tie the room together beautifully. Style matters, too; if most of your home has french country style decor, a very modern and geometric art piece will be an odd match for it, and will create visual dissonance.

Do you have tips for buying wall art for living rooms, rugs, or living room sets for sale? Let us know! See more.

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