Three Projects That Are Much Easier with How to Home Improvement Videos

Cheap diy home improvement ideas

One of the things you take on when you buy a house is maintenance. According to MSN Real Estate, the average homeowner will pay 10% of their home’s value annually to keep the house looking and acting great. Of course, not every home project we take on is strictly necessary.

According to Houzz, the number of home improvement projects in American homes have increased by 12% over the last year. Further, 40% of American homeowners plan to remodel or add an addition to their homes in the near future. A common obstacle between homeowners and their improvements, whether it is a new bathroom or otherwise, is cost. DIY projects, standing for Do-It-Yourself, are increasingly popular among homeowners because they are so much cheaper than contracting out. After all, DIY means no labor costs.

If you want to stay within your home improvement budget, a feat only 41% of Americans managed in 2012, according to Houzz, then using how to home improvement videos may be just the thing. Especially when undertaking ambitious projects, many of which can be considered dangerous, you need a guide to help you cut down on waste and get the job done fast. Here are three projects that do it yourself videos for home improvement can really help with.

Electrical Work%3Cbr%3E
Electrical work can be quite expensive when seeking professional help. According to HomeAdvisor, Americans pay an average of $400 per electrician visit. While doing your electric work yourself can be one of the best cheap DIY home improvement ideas, many Americans are reticent to take this step. After all, as Electrical Safety Foundation International points out, 30,000 non-fatal shocks occur every year, making for a painful experience. With how to home improvement videos you can learn how to do your electric work properly, cutting down on electrocutions and fire hazards.

Remodeling the Bathroom%3Cbr%3E
Remodeling our bathrooms is one of the most popular home improvements in the United States. However, according to Forbes, the average cost of a bathroom remodel is $10,422. As writes, this cost can be drastically reduced by learning to do your own tile work, painting, and wallpapering. All of those things can be learned from how to home improvement videos.

Plumbing Problems%3Cbr%3E
Did you know, according to HomeAdvisor, that replacing the plumbing in your home costs an average of $2,116? The fact is that most of your home’s plumbing work is easy to get to and, with a little help, easy to repair or update for yourself. For instance, replacing clogged kitchen pipes, a procedure that costs $246 commercially, will cost you nothing more than the cost of pipe, some drain cleaner, and the proper tools.

Every American should be able to live in the home of their dreams. Unfortunately, however, not everyone has the means to pay for professional home renovation. Luckily for us all, how to home improvement videos have found their way to the web, offering us cost cutting advice that improves our safety for free.

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