Understanding Furnaces for Repairs and Replacements

Understanding Furnaces for Repairs and Replacements

Although a furnace is essential to the living conditions of a house, many homeowners do not often think about it. Without proper maintenance, a furnace could need HVAC repairs, and eventually even a whole replacement. Understanding how a furnace works can help homeowners make good decisions about their furnace and even prevent repairs from being needed, extending the life of the system and saving them money. In this video, you will learn how a furnace works.

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The furnace will begin with the basics, showing what each part is and what its functions are. The gas in a furnace will heat up a heat exchanger and a fan will blow out the newly heated air. Different furnaces have different ratings depending on how much fuel they need to complete a certain function. There are also different types of furnaces with features such as safety. You will get a complete rundown of how all of these things work.


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