How Do You Know If You Have Hired a Good Home Renovation Contractor

How Do You Know If You Have Hired a Good Home Renovation Contractor

Everyone knows someone that has a horror story about hiring bad contractors. How do you know if you have hired a good one? The popular YouTube channel Home RenoVision DIY shows you what to look for in a good home renovation contractor.

A good contractor will not pressure you to sign a contract outside of your home.

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Some places, like the Canadian province of Ontario, will allow you to get your full deposit back in a certain amount of time, but only if you sign the contract in your home.

The contract itself should be extremely detailed. It should list out a work schedule, materials needed, the area of the home needing to be worked on, labor costs, permits, warranties, and clean-up costs. Read the contract before signing. You can add or subtract details before signing. If your contractor refuses to make any changes, rip up the contract and say good-bye.

The only referral you need to check is where the contractor is working right now. Go check that job out and talk to the homeowner. Look at the job site to see if it is well-organized and tidy. If a contractor will not give you a reference to the most recent job, get a new contractor.

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