What To Expect When Having Your Septic Tank Pumped

What To Expect When Having Your Septic Tank Pumped

Tim VanRhee, in the video,’ What to expect when you have your septic tank pumped’, discusses different tips about septic tank maintenance. Some of the important steps in septic pumping are:

Removal of All Solid Materials

Septic tanks and septic systems provide a means for treating household waste safely, without polluting the soil and nearby water sources. You should remove solids from your sewer as often as possible.

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Check if the Components Are Working Properly

Since the typical septic system is buried in the ground, it can be difficult to determine whether or not such a system is working properly, especially if it has not been pumped out in years. The septic system requires proper maintenance for this system to function successfully.

Set Up a Maintenance Schedule

Septic pumping should be carried out regularly every few years, depending on the usage and size of the tank. If you neglect to do so, sludge will accumulate in the bottom of your septic tank and create an imbalance between liquid and solid waste.

Septic tanks are generally thought of as large metal or concrete boxes that sit directly below homes or other structures where waste enters them through plumbing fixtures for treatment before being released into nearby bodies of water.

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