Tips for Replacing a Window

Tips for Replacing a Window

Replacing your window is easy; most homeowners can do it at home. If you plan on replacing your windows, here are the simple and basic steps.

Tip: There are two choices for window replacement: either a full replacement window or an insert window replacement. If your window frame is still in good shape, you can do the insert window replacement, but you can go for a full window replacement if it has already deteriorated.

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Step 1: To measure the right size of the window, measure the height of the pocket opening, which is the frame of the actual window. The window should be around 1/2 to 3/4 smaller than the opening.

Step 2: When you have already bought your new window, you can remove the old window sashes. Not all sashes are built the same, so the steps to remove yours might be different from the actual one. Remove the sashes, and pry out the frame for the new full window replacement.

Step 3: Apply a flashing tape to the sill; it should fit the length of the sill.

Step 4: Dry fit the new window into the opening, and it should have a little gap around the frame. Take the window and set aside. Apply a 3/8 inch bead sealant at the interior head, and jamb stops.

Step 5: Place the window in the opening. Ensure it is resting in the interior stops and making contact with the sealant.


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