Heating Oil Delivery Process

Heating Oil Delivery Process

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Heating oil is usually delivered to houses on a regular basis for the convenience of the customers. This video shows the process of a heating oil delivery service from start to end.

Of course, the first thing the delivery driver needs to do is find the actual house. To accomplish this, he uses a computer program that gives the address and various details for the house.

Once he arrives, the serviceman goes to the meter station at the back of the truck, prepares everything, and grabs the hose that will deliver the oil.

The serviceman screws the house into the oil line for the house, being sure to place rags down to prevent oil from dripping onto the yard. The truck pumps oil out at 1g per second, so it pays to make sure the line is secure before starting the pump.

The serviceman starts off slowly, waiting for the telltale whistle that lets him know to increase the volume of oil being pumped. As the oil is pumped, the serviceman diligently stands by the hose and pipe to shut off the valve if anything goes wrong and listen for the whistle to stop.

After this, the hose is carried back to the truck and fid into its coil. The pump and meter station are shut down, and the serviceman is off to his next destination.



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