The Crushed Concrete Process and What it’s Used for

Crushed concrete is useful for a variety of reasons and it is widely used because of this. When considering what it can be used for, you may find yourself wondering what is crushed concrete made from that makes it so useful and easy to recycle. The simple answer is that crushed concrete is just what it states, concrete. By crushing the concrete and using it for other projects or jobs that require concrete like material you help the planet while using a substance that you already have. Read below to learn more about crushed concrete since we’ve already answered what is crushed concrete made from.


The benefits of crushed concrete reduces construction waste and saves money. Trucks are not needed to transport large pieces of concrete to another location. Many places will use crushed concrete for a variety of purposes and a variety of reasons which benefits both parties. Locations that offer concrete recycling help to create jobs for the community while helping the community in other ways. Jobs that are created, the waste that is not created, and reusing materials on hand all benefit the people and the earth.


Industrial crushing equipment is used to crush concrete. The concrete is broken up into large chunks. After large chunks are produced then a large compactor breaks the concrete up even more. The product is then ran through a screen to remove any dirt or debris from it. Things such as water and magnets also help to remove extra debris from the crushed concrete. Pulverizing the concrete can be used, although it’s a harder process since the debris is pulverized as well meaning that it’s harder to remove.


Portable crushers can be moved to different locations to crush concrete making them a popular choice. Central locations make it easier to crush larger loads of concrete. This eliminates some of the need to transport the concrete to a different location. This can also help for traffic coming to and from the location to bring concrete and crush the concrete.


There are a variety of uses for crushed concrete. Those wondering what is crushed concrete made from will even be surprised to know that crushed concrete can be used base for residential houses. This concrete can also be used for commercial base on top of residential. Sometimes this concrete will be used as a base for mixing new concrete to use. Community’s see crushed concrete in their benches, and paving blocks may also be made from crushed concrete. Natural stone pavers may use crushed concrete as a base before laying down the paving stones or landscaping rocks.

The uses make this material easy to recycle, easy to crush and easy to reuse. The finished product is nice, sturdy and durable. No matter what crushed concrete is used for you can be sure that it will last many years and be durable. Consider crushing concrete instead of trying to figure out what to do with it. You just might be surprised with the results.

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