How Purge Welding Removes Harmful Gases

Welding remains extremely popular throughout the United States. In fact, over 50% of all products made throughout the United States require some type of welding. Considering that, it’s no wonder that the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment for welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers to reach 412,300 by the year 2024. It’s important that welders are able to safely and efficiently complete their jobs. This means knowing when you’ll need to purge weld. In this post, you’ll about the importance of purge welding.

The Importance of Purge Welding

While you’re welding, there is a wide range of mixtures being created. Unfortunately, certain materials in this mixture can damage the integrity of your welding work. These materials are often a mixture of gases and water vapor. Therefore, purging equipment for welding is used in order to remove these materials. Without purging these materials, it’s difficult to create an airtight connection. In turn, what you’re welding is more susceptible to cracking and corrosion in the future. You’ll primarily utilize purge welding while working with clients in the food equipment, chemical, and semiconductor industries.

How Welders Purge Gases

In order to purge weld, inert gases are needed to remove oxygen and water. This helps to create welds that are clean and uniform. Inert gases are used during the purging process because they won’t cause chemical reactions. Typically, argon or helium are the most common types of inert gases to use while purging. Nitrogen is sometimes used but should be avoided while working with stainless steel. While completing this task, it’s important for welders to use purge monitors. Flow and pressure levels will change throughout the purging process. Purge monitors help ensure you’re aware of these changes while purging.

In conclusion, it’s imperative for every welder to know how to purge weld. Without purge welding, gases and water vapor remain inside pipes and other items. If you’re looking for an easier way to accomplish this task, consider ordering purge kits. Purge kits are utilized by welding companies throughout the world. These kits have everything you’ll need begin weld purging including purge monitors, cables, and tubing. Purge kits are also convenient, often allowing you to complete these projects faster than normal.

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