Residential Water Damage: 3 Frequently Asked Questions

According to storm data statistics from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there were 20,237 significant storms that were recorded across the United States in 2016. While that’s a slight increase from the year before at 19,172, it actually represented the highest number in about three years and it was sufficient enough to cause disruption in the asphalt shingle supply chain. In short, powerful storms happen — and they can cause all sorts of serious, damaging, and costly problems for homeowners.

Perhaps the most common issue following storms of varying severity is water damage. Water damage can be a traumatic experience for anyone and can end up ruining your home’s structure and making a significant dent in your wallet.

Here are some frequently asked questions pertaining to household water damage restoration:


  • What causes water damage? — There are plenty of reasons water damage occurs inside a home, including natural disasters like a hurricane or tornado, sewage leaks, pipe bursts, flash flooding, appliance malfunctions, poor drainage, roofing or foundation leaks, and much more.


  • Is water damage actually dangerous? — Though water damage might not seem all that serious from afar, it truly is — especially when it involves flood water that comes from outside or backed up sewage. Since water issues often contain viruses and bacteria, there can be some terrible health concerns as a result. Additionally, molding can spread throughout the home and cause some serious health issues, as well.


  • How should I handle serious water damage? — First and foremost, you need to act fast. Immediately after identifying any water-related issues inside your home, you should contact water damage restoration professionals. In order to minimize flood damage, mold from spreading, and other serious residential concerns, have experienced water restoration professionals come over as soon as possible.


Don’t let water-related issues continue to grow inside your home. Make sure your home is fully protected and restored following any significant storm or flood damage. If you want to learn more about residential water damage restoration or work with experienced general contractors, give us a call right away.

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