Landscaping is for More than Looking Pretty! Here are the Many Benefits of Landscaping Design

Landscaping can sometimes be written off as simply a nice way to enhance the look of a yard or as a hobby for people who love gardening and spending time outdoors. But finding new landscaping design ideas can be beneficial for everyone. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider a backyard remodel.

  • A home with landscaping can have an increased resale value of 14 percent
  • Houses with landscape design spend less time on the market
  • If you spend five percent of the house’s value on landscaping, it’s possible to get an ROI of 150 percent
  • The majority of real estate agents encourage investing in new landscaping ideas because they say that homeowners can get up to a 215 percent return on the investment
  • If you improve your landscaping design, you are more likely to spend time using the space for activities like relaxing or to entertain company
  • Adding trees to your landscaping can cut down on air conditioning cost by 25 percent or more, and heating cost by 10 percent
  • Incorporating landscaping plants like shrubs and turf are good for the environment because they remove pollutants from the air, such as smoke and dust
  • 26 pounds of carbon dioxide can be removed from the atmosphere annually by a single tree

There are so many positive reasons why you should invest in new landscaping design ideas, but it can be overwhelming if you try to tackle it all on your own. Luckily, it is easy to find landscapers to help out when you are looking to transform your yard.

A landscaping business can be helpful in not only getting the job done, but also in the beginning of the process when it comes to thinking of landscaping ideas. Because they are professionals, landscapers are up to date with the latest landscaping design ideas. They know how to achieve the dream outdoor chef’s kitchen and have suggestions for that custom fire pit you have been thinking about.

Now that you know all of the personal and environmental reasons to start your backyard remodel, what are you waiting for? Go discover new landscaping design ideas or find the right landscaper for you to help reach the landscaping design of your dreams.

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