Beat the Heat With Good Landscaping How Trees Can Reduce Your Energy Bills This Summer

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Looking to increase your curb appeal? Are you trying to think of ways to make your property look well cared for and aesthetically pleasing? Do you peruse home improvement magazines and look at all the beautiful landscaping with a tinge of envy? Well, make those ideas and dreams a reality! You can have beautiful landscaping too, when you hire professional landscapers to take over your yard. They know all kinds of landscaping tips and tricks to transform your yard (no matter how big or small) into a great space that you’ll want to spend time in. Whether you want to pave part of your yard to create pathways or a little patio area or you’re interested in well tended flower beds, landscaping services can provide you with the assistance you need. Good landscaping can also have other benefits besides being visually pleasing. It can help reduce energy bills, cut down on road noise, and provide a safe spot for birds, bees, and other wildlife.
Looking to Sell Your Home? Landscape, Landscape, Landscape!
Have you ever been looking for a new home or apartment and passed up on one because the yard looked terrible or rundown? Or been drawn to a home or apartment because trees or other landscaping made it look welcoming and well maintained? Beautiful landscaping can help sell your home and make it more attractive to prospective buyers. Research shows that good landscaping can expedite a home’s sale by as much as six months! And Money Magazine reports that investing in landscaping can be a worthwhile use of your money, as it can bring a recovery value between 100-200% when it comes time to sell the home. Additionally, Clemson University conducted a study that showed that homes that had “excellent” landscaping sold for 6-7% more than equivalent houses that only had “good” landscaping.
Well What If I Don’t Want to Sell My Home?
Beautiful landscaping can still bring you wonderful benefits, even if you’re not looking to sell for awhile (or ever). You’ll get to reap the benefits of having a beautiful and functional outdoor space that brings you joy. A little bit of green can be good for the soul. Indeed, residents of retirement communities say that lovely landscaped grounds were important or essential (50%) to almost all the residents. It can make a place look more friendly and welcoming overall. If you have a big enough yard, you might even be able to host get-togethers or more formal parties out there with your brand new landscaping!
Well thought-out landscaping can also have an impact on your energy bills. The US Department of Energy says that energy-efficient landscaping can cut your heating bills by 30%. Trees can keep a home’s cooling bills down by 15-50%, by limiting the amount of air conditioning needed. Particularly dense trees can help block up to 95% of sunlight and 75% of the heat generated. Trees can have another positive effect of hiding noise (like road noise or pedestrian chatter) by half and can replace otherwise unpleasant sounds with pleasant ones, like the rustling of leaves, says the US Environmental Protection Agency.
How Do I Find a Landscaping Company That’s Right For Me?
Many landscaping companies will have websites that have reviews or information on what kind of landscaping they cover. It can helpful to have a little bit of a vision for your property or know what kind of plants or aesthetic you feel drawn to, as that can help guide the landscaping services, but it’s not necessary. Don’t be afraid to “interview’ your landscaping companies as well — get a sense of what services they offer and try to get a quote from them about how much labor and materials might cost. A good company should be able to give you a realistic quote without much hassle.
Good landscaping can really change the way you and others view your property. If you’re thinking about selling in the near future, consider landscaping as a way to bump up the sale price. And if you’re staying put for awhile, good landscaping is even more important! Get in touch with a landscaper today!

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