Learn More About Winterizing Your Home From a Local HVAC Service

When you live somewhere governed by higher temperatures and climates, air conditioning services are an important aspect of home upkeep. It takes a lot to keep AC units running effectively so HVAC installation service, as well as HVAC maintenance services, can help keep things in tip-top shape all year round. Good upkeep and servicing are important for the life and effectiveness of your system, which is why AC repair jobs are so important today.

If you are dealing with the AC being broken in the house, you may be wondering who to call and what various services are available. You may also be confused about the general AC technician job description and what it is they can actually do for you. These professionals can diagnose and fix a range of issues that could be affecting your air conditioning system.

They can get you the best products and models by checking their vendor supplies and by looking for AC systems online. Call your local AC repair experts today to get you ready for next season. Check local listings for businesses in your area or if you have a smartphone, use it to search for ‘AC unit replacement near me’ to get started!

How to Save Energy, Heat, and MoneySince the weather is cooling down in most parts of the country, it’s important to ensure that your heating systems are in good working order. In addition to making sure that these systems will perform optimally through the winter, you want to make sure you’re not wasting heat and energy. This can be accomplished by thoroughly winterizing your home and taking other measures.

The largest energy expense for most typical households is for heating and cooling. The United States Department of Energy reports that heating and air conditioning a home will usually constitute 43% of your monthly utility bill. There are several steps that you can take, however, to reduce these costs.

Chances are that you already know turning back your thermostat can save energy, heat, and money. For every degree that you turn it back, for example, you’ll save that percentage’s worth of energy. If you know you’ll be out of the house for the better portion of the day for work or other activities, you can set your thermostat back ten percent. This can potentially save you ten percent on your bill. Once you’re home, you can turn the thermostat up to a more comfortable temperature.

Another way to save heat, energy, and money is to install insulation. This is considered to be the best single step that you can take. When attics aren’t well-insulated, you can literally lose up to 20% of every dollar you spend on your utility bill. In addition to insulating your attic, you also want to make sure that there are weather strips on your doors and no drafts coming through your windows or other areas.

Purchasing a high-efficiency furnace can also assist you with creating a more comfortable home environment while saving both energy and money. These furnaces have AFUE ratings between 90% and 95%. While these furnaces may cost a bit more up front, you’ll be able to save energy and money over time. There are other benefits to having a high energy furnace, such as a programmable thermostat.

When to Replace Your Home’s Heating System

Does your home currently have a furnace, boiler, or central air conditioner? According to experts, these types of systems have the following average expected lifespan:

  • Furnaces: 20 years
  • Boilers: 15 years
  • Central air conditioners: 20 years

If you have one of the systems above, it may still need to be replaced when it’s around 12 to 15 years old. This is particularly the case when your system has been experiencing any of the following issues:

  • It needs frequent repairs
  • It doesn’t supply enough heat
  • It irregularly cycles on and off
  • It consumes more and more energy
  • It makes strange noises<//li>

When your existing system experiences more than a few of these issues, then you’ll most likely want to have it replaced. While emergency HVAC services are available, it makes more sense to have this taken care of before your heating system totally breaks down. If you live in an area that experiences storms and other types of inclement weather, you definitely don’t want your heater to stop working unexpectedly.

Contact an HVAC Service for More Information

Once you contact an HVAC service to inspect and/or maintain your existing system, you can discuss whether or not you need a new system installed. Given that there are high-efficiency furnaces available, you can discuss these with your HVAC specialist as well. Having an energy efficient home can make a difference in your overall comfort as well as save energy and utility bill costs.

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