The Outside of Your House Has Feelings Too, Light it UP

Landscape lighting design ideas

You don’t need to be a visionary architect to imagine a list of fabulous landscape lighting benefits. After all, you’ve spent all that time and money having your lawn, gardens, trees, and other estate-surrounding vegetative decor pristinely manicured. You’re not alone, either! 83% of Americans agree that having yards is important, and 90% agree that proper maintenance is paramount to having a yard in the first place. Why only show it off during the day? That’s nonsense.

Aside from the obvious benefits of landscape lighting, market research shows that the outdoor lighting market (yeah, it’s a thing) is going to reach a value of $56.6 billion by 2020. It won’t surprise you that the amount of people lighting the outsides of their homes is steadily increasing. Why? Because it’s gorgeous and people are proud of their homes day and night.

Outdoor lighting is your home’s spotlight. Its center stage when the neighborhood theater is dark, its performance lighting when the sun is low. In a 2017 study, about 16% of homeowner consider outdoor lighting to be the most important facet of curb appeal and according to “What Homebuyers Really Want”, 43% say exterior lighting installation is a “Essential/Must-have” when thinking to purchase. I think they’re right.

Don’t know what to light in your yard? That’s cool. There are professionals for this. They’ll take what you want to see into account and work with you to best light the outside of your home. In 2016, 73% of homeowners hired professionals for various and sundry outdoor projects on their homes. That’s a lot of people caring about the outsides of their homes! Whether front yard, back yard, or both, you’re upping the appeal, value, and aesthetic elegance of your castle. Paths, ponds, decks, trees, gardens, archways, anything is better able to showcase its beauty through landscape lighting benefits.

The ball is in your court now! If you’ve been slacking on getting the outside of your house lit, slack no longer. Get on the phone, get on the web, grab a neighbor who has an awesome outdoor lighting setup and ask for a referral. There are so many ways to make your home shine at night and you’re only a few steps away from being just as dazzled as your neighbors will be. Light it up!

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