Choosing the Safest Paint Option

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While color is usually the first thing that comes to mind when choosing paint, choosing something that is non-toxic is as important of a decision. This is true whether the paint will be used on a child’s item such a crib, or just in the general vicinity of a child such as on hardwood floors. If the paint is anywhere inside the home, you want it to be as safe as possible.

These days we know a lot more about sensitivities due to our immediate environments. Even when we’re outside of the home we like to have some say over our air quality. Some research from the Survey Research Institute at Cornell University found that 83 percent of travelers would take an allergy-free room if they had the option. Their surveys also found that 59 of travelers would even choose a hotel over another based on having access to those allergy-free options.

While we can’t completely control the paint in our hotel rooms, we certainly can make sound decisions about the paint that we use at home. This applies throughout the entire painting process. It’s a good idea to use an eco-friendly primer before even starting the paint job to cut down on fumes. You will want to use a primer on wood floors as well as on walls and any other items. A clear coat for painted wood will ensure that the paint stays safely in place where it belongs. It will also help with protecting hardwood floors from wear and tear moving forward.

When you are picking out paint for the floors of children’s rooms, you might consider going with some anti slip paint. This is considered a safe paint for the nursery. Wood floors are notoriously slippery and kids are often a bit unsteady on their feet as is. The anti slip nursery paint can help prevent unnecessary slips.

When choosing a clear coat for painted wood, you also want to make sure that it is low VOC. Low VOC paint is paint is lower on the unstable, carbon-containing compounds that emit into the air. When this happens it might be noticeable by the scent of the paint. Low odor paint is generally preferable for this reason.

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