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Know Your Choices When It Comes to Exterior Wood Stain!

Know Your Choices When It Comes to Exterior Wood Stain!

Most people know that treating their exterior wood surfaces with exterior wood stain is a must! Exterior wood stain is formulated to help preserve the wood and add a touch of beauty. Many people know they need to use stain on their exterior, but they are not aware that there is eco-friendly wood stain options available

Choosing eco-friendly wood stain options can deliver the protection that you need while protecting the environment. Learning more about this great option can help you to make the right choice.

What is Wood Stain?

To call wood stain a paint is not truly accurate. It has similar properties of paint but does not provide the same type of coverage as paint. Stain penetrates the wood and attaches to the wood fibers. Stain unlike paint is not an outer coating. It delivers a sheer type of coverage so that the natural grain of the wood can show through.

Exterior wood stain uses a vehicle (solvent) to affix the color of the stain to the wood. Typical stains come in a range of colors that mimic natural wood tones. Stain and varnish are often confused as being the same application, but they are not. Varnish is usually a clear coat coverage more like paint than like stain.

What is the Purpose of Stain?

Stain is used to provide protection from UV rays and wood fading. It also is used to protect against “staining” that can form like water stains. It can help wood to resist mold and mildew and more!

Painting exterior wood with stain is a great way to extend the life of your wood surfaces. Stains come in a wide range of colors that can help to add a designer touch to your outdoor areas.

Stain can be the perfect solution for adding some color to your wood and protecting it from the elements. Eco-friendly stains deliver the same great protections and aesthetics while being mindful of the environment.

What Makes a Stain Eco-Friendly?

Traditional paints and stains include volatile organic compounds (VOC) which is a known air pollutant. Eco-friendly options are low VOC which means that they pollute the air less. It also means they can be less toxic. Low odor paint and stain can reduce discomfort during application.

Low VOC stain is a great option for anyone that wants a safer way to stain their outdoor wood surfaces. It can be a safer option for the environment and for people.

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