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Does Your Summer Schedule Include Repainting or Restaining a Room?

Does Your Summer Schedule Include Repainting or Restaining a Room?

Summer is the time of year when many home owners tackle a number of important home improvement projects. From applying a new color of non toxic paint for nurseries to experimenting with air cleaning paints in the basement, there are a number of times when you can make sure that you are creating the safest environment when you are renovating or redecorating. In fact, the latest non toxic primers and paints are a great way to make sure that you are watching out for the health of your family, while also creating a comfortable and beautiful space that will be good for the soul of your family.

Air Cleaning Paints and Other Environmentally Friendly Products Continue to Grow in Popularity

Whether you know how to use varnish or not or whether you discover that you are finally able to find a paint that will not bother the allergies of anyone in your home, there are a wide range of home improvement products that can help property owners make the changes they want in a home. The fact that small children and pregnant women are recommended to be in any room when many paints and varnishes are used are just some of the indicators that these items contain dangerous chemicals. Knowing that the paint and varnish industry is working to lower or eliminate the toxicity of these products is a comfort to many who have long been concerned about the safety of people, as well as the environment.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that levels of several organics average two to five times higher indoors than outdoors, and when inhaled these chemicals can contribute to several health problems. Choosing the best paint for a porch may have once simply involved selecting a color, but today we know that there are many other important options. In fact, 59% of travelers indicate that they would choose one hotel over another based on availability of allergen-friendly rooms, according to a study by the Survey Research Institute at Cornell University. This is just one indicator of how important it is to make sure that when it comes time to make painting decisions in your own home.

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