Is it Time to Replace Your Roof? Contact a Local Commercial Roofing Company

The commercial flat roof construction process might be quicker than some business owners will assume. Roofing professionals may be able to install a commercial flat roof in less than a week. They may need a similar amount of time to complete a commercial flat roof replacement. Most commercial metal roof types will take somewhat longer to install, but roofing professionals still won’t need more than a couple of weeks. Tile roofs may take just over a week to fully install.
Commercial roofing professionals can update and replace commercial roofs for any reason. Business owners may just want commercial roofs that look more modern, even if the roofs that they have are functioning normally. The best commercial roofing systems might still have no significant problems when they’re relatively old, but professionals frequently want to make their commercial buildings look different.

However, commercial roofs that seem to be constantly developing new leaks should usually be replaced. Business owners already have to fix those leaks immediately. If they’re constantly in situations where they need roof repairs, replacing the roof altogether might simplify everything. Customers might not notice a roof with a somewhat outdated design. Even fairly small roof leaks are much more serious.

Commercial roofing

When it’s time to replace your roof, you have a variety of choices make. While the decision-making process may be challenging at times, a commercial roofing company can assist you with making a wise choice.

Do you choose durability over appearance? Asphalt over steel? Or do you want to go-green and use recycled materials?

When deciding upon your new roof, you may be interested to know what other people around the United States are thinking–and choosing.

Approximately 88% of homeowners view the exterior of their houses differently than the interiors. In other words, the exterior and the interior are two separate entities, each with a style and personality of its own.

Other interesting points of discussion include homeowner association and historical site or area requirements. When surveyed, approximately 32% of homeowners stated that they were unable to choose their preferred exterior features or color palettes.

What are the two major factors people consider when deciding on a new roof? Durability was number one with 88% of the survey’s participants. Longevity was in second place with 83% of the survey’s participants.

Other homeowners, approximately 72%, would like their roofs to be constructed of materials that require minimal maintenance. This response included one of those proverbial if-I-had-to-do-it-all-over-again scenarios.

Have you thought about roofing materials? Do you have a preference? Asphalt, for example, is a popular choice because it usually doesn’t need re-roofing for between 12-to-20 years. On average, roofing needs to be replaced approximately every 17 years.

When it comes to how often you need to replace–or repair–your roof, much depends on where you live. If you live in a region where there are heavy rains, hail storms, snow, and high winds, for example, you definitely want to consider a high-impact roof.

Metal roofs are another choice, and are considered to be superior to asphalt–especially when they contain steel, which is a high-impact material. These roofs are also eco-friendly, as they’re composed of recycled steel.

Were you also aware that a commercial roofing company can provide assistance for your roof maintenance needs? Consider these helpful services:

    • Gutter inspection</ul

      • Gutter replacement
      • Gutter installation
      • Roof repairs
      • When you contact a commercial roofing company to install–and then provide maintenance for–your new roof, remember to take a few steps back to enjoy the view.

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