Using Propane Gas Products to Heat Your Home and Business

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If you’re not familiar with propane fuel, then you may be interested to know that it’s both a liquid and a gas. Since these gas products are colorless and odorless, a specific odor is added so that it’s easily identifiable.

When propane is stored in a cylinder or tank, it’s in a liquid as well as a vaporous form. When the vapor is released, it’s a clean-burning type of fuel. Another benefit of propane gas products are that they are 27-times more compact than other types of fuel. This means that these propane gas products are both easy to transport and store.

Propane is produced in the United States as well as in Canada and Mexico. Around 90% of the propane used in the United States is actually produced domestically. Approximately 70% of the United States’ remaining need is imported from Canada and Mexico.

It’s important to note that propane is not only easily accessible, it is also a secure, environmentally beneficial source of fuel.

Propane Use in Rural Areas

People living in rural areas tend to be more familiar with using propane for fuel than those who live in suburban areas. If you’ve recently moved to a rural area, then your household heating needs will most likely be provided by propane fuel tanks. Heating your home with propane is cost efficient, too.

You may also need to have a propane generator to provide electricity as well as for a back-up in case the electricity does go out during a storm.

When people live and work on a farm, propane is used for a variety of fuel needs. In fact, over 660,000 farmers use propane for these purposes:

    Irrigation pumps
    Grain dryers
    Standby generators
    Crop drying
    Flame cultivation
    Fruit ripening
    Space heating
    Water heating
    Food refrigeration

Propane Use in Suburban Areas

If you live in a suburban area, then you’re likely aware that many modern homes now have a propane fueled fireplace rather than the traditional wood-burning style. Furthermore, these fireplaces generate heat and provide a nice ambiance.

Propane is also used to provide energy for mobile and manufactured homes. There are approximately 6.3 million of these homes, and 16% use propane as their primary source of fuel.

Propane Use for Commercial Businesses

In addition to the benefits provided to residential propane customers, there are also benefits to having a commercial propane service.

The petrochemical industry, for example, uses propane to manufacture plastics. Furthermore, there are over 350,000 industrial sites that use propane for these and other purposes:

    Space heating
    Heat treating

Propane gas products are used to heat homes and businesses more often than some people may realize. It’s also important to know that propane tanks and canisters can be refilled, which is of benefit to the environment.

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