Installing a Replacement Window

Installing a Replacement Window

When it comes to installing insert replacement windows, there will be a learning curve. Here are the steps in inserting a replacement window:

Window Measurement
Measure horizontally and vertically from the inside of one window frame to the inside of the opposing frame. When ordering the window, go with the smallest size first.

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Removing of Window Stops
Carefully remove the window stop molding away from the sides and top of the window frame with a pry bar or putty knife and hammer.

Removing Inner Sash
Gently remove the inner window sash from the opening and remove the knotted weight ropes from the holes in the sides of the sash frame.

Removing Parting Stops
Remove the narrow parting stop moldings that divide the inner and outer window sashes with a small pry bar or screwdriver.

Removing Outer Sash
The outer window should now be able to slide out of its frame. Pull the knots out to free it from the sash cords.

Removing Counterweights
Remove the weights from the weight compartments on the sides of the window frame.

Insulating Weight Pockets
Loosely pack fiberglass insulation into the weight compartments.

Test-Fit and Secure the Window
Install any necessary expansion strips or headers on the new insert window, then test fit it in the frame aperture and lightly seal it in place. Remove the window from the opening after you’re sure it’s secured, then caulk the window frame according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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