The Basics of Roofing a House

The Basics of Roofing a House

Residential roofers are experts in their field. Most people trust their roofing needs to residential roofing companies. Even if you always go with the professionals it is still nice to understand the basics of roofing.

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This video shows you exactly how a replacement roof is installed.

Think of this video as a sort of condensed version of how a roof is installed. Watch to learn what materials you will need for a roofing project and how the roofer installs each layer of the roof. This video shows you the three layers of materials that are used to construct this playhouse roof. Learn how to cut the shingles to fit a specific size and what type of nails can be used in the process. The presenter does make some different choices in this video than he would on a home roof, but does a good job of explaining the differences.

Whether you need to replace the roof on the kid’s playhouse or you are considering DIY roof projects this video will help you find success. Watch the video now to learn roofing basics you can apply to your project.


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