How to Install Your Water Heater Replacement

How to Install Your Water Heater Replacement

Older homes have problems with their heating systems all the time. If you live in an older home, you might need a water heater replacement sooner than you think. Here are some tips on doing this, or at least a checklist to use with a professional.

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You want to make sure that the water and gas or electricity (whichever you use) is shut off before you begin. There should be a nearby shut-off valve. If you can’t find it, your contractor should be able to help. Then you’ll be able to start draining the current water heater. When draining, make sure the water is either going into a drain, buckets, or directly outside to avoid water damage.

You’ll want to detach any water and gas lines from the old heater at this step. Take out the pressure release valve and the overflow pipe carefully, as they will be re-installed on the new unit. Make sure the new heater is aligned well with the old attachments, and begin hooking it up.

Have your installer check the water heater before leaving to avoid any future problems. Talk to a water heater installation company about how to complete the safest installation for your home.


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