How to Install a Cabinet

How to Install a Cabinet

Want to install cabinets in your home, but need some tips on the cabinet installation process? First, you need to make sure you have these tools and know how to correctly use them: level, square, tape measure, clamps, screw gun, power drill, hammer, pin nailer, and shims. These are going to be useful during your cabinet installation.

Unpack your cabinet and remove all of the drawers and doors to make your cabinet installation easier. Make sure you have all of the parts you need before installation.

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Make sure you are screwing into a stud in the wall to make sure the cabinet will be secure. Measure and mark the cabinet heights on the wall to make sure it will fit before starting the cabinet installation process.

Having another person with you is a great tip because they will be able to give you an extra set of hands to hold the cabinet up will you are screwing it into the wall. Once you install the main body of the cabinet onto the wall, put the doors back on as well as the drawers. Then, you can start to enjoy your new cabinets!


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