How to Create a Safer Work Environment From Safety Training to Commercial Floor Coating


When you own or operate a business, you want to ensure that your employees, clients, and customers are in a safe environment. One of the more significant ways to enhance safety is to have quality flooring. You are likely aware that slip and fall accidents are quite prevalent. These are also the most common type of accidents that occur in hotels, public buildings, and restaurants.

The Costs Associated With Slip and Fall Incidents

When employees experience a slip and fall incident, 22% of these individuals will be absent from work for over a month. In addition to being concerned for their employee’s well-being, employers will also be concerned with the smooth functioning of their business.

There are also significant financial costs associated with these types of incidents. Due to employee compensation and medical bills, United States’ businesses are paying roughly $70 billion a year. A large percentage of these incidents could be prevented when individuals follow proper safety protocols. Other measures could also be taken to reduce the incidence of slip and fall accidents.

Reduce Slip and Fall Incidents With Commercial Floor Coatings

Since many types of businesses have concrete flooring, slip and fall incidents can be reduced by having this flooring coated. In the early 1990s, polyaspartic coatings were first introduced. Due to their low or even zero level of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, polyaspartic coatings are recommended. Since VOC emissions are so minimal, a business’ indoor air quality will not be adversely affected.

There are other benefits to using polyaspartic coatings. In addition to curing faster than epoxy coatings, they will also last longer. It may, for instance, just take 12 months for an epoxy coating to become brittle. While it will depend on the size of a business’ floor and other site conditions, it will usually only take a day to install and fully cure these types of commercial floor coatings.

Contact a Commercial Floor Coating Company for More Information

If your business needs new flooring, you can learn more information by scheduling a consultation. Since you want to prevent slip and fall injuries to the best of your ability, a contractor will be able to recommend the best type of flooring or floor coating for your business. To provide an even more safe work environment, It’s essential to remind your employees to review proper safety protocols and post them in an area where they will be seen on a daily basis.

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