Six Important Things to Know About a Home Remodel

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What are the benefits of doing a remodel to your home, and what are other people doing? If you’re wondering whether to bite the bullet and hire some general contractors, read on.

Who is Remodeling?

Everyone, really. A recent survey showed that a lot of homeowners, about two-thirds, are planning to renovate. That’s good reason to consider hiring some general contractors and get going on your own remodel, lest your home value fall behind.

What is Being Remodeled?

About 76% of people are doing their kitchen when they do home renovations. Another 90% are changing up the style of their master bathroom when they upgrade their home. The National Association of Home Builders reports that general contractors are working on basements a lot lately. In the last 20 years, finishing the basement has become a very popular renovation project. And, surprisingly, 35% of all home remodeling and renovations actually include the whole house!

Are These Remodels Worth It?

Any real estate agent will tell you that remodeling is huge when it comes to increasing the value of your home. Even a small kitchen remodel brings in an average of nearly 83% return on investment. Adding a bathroom has a return on investment of more than 86%. A basement remodel is worth an average of 70% return on investment

What About New Homes?

A 2016 Houzz and Home survey in the United States found that two-thirds of homeowners building a custom home were planning to add a recreation area. Nearly 30% were planning to hire general contractors to add a custom gaming and entertainment room to their new home.

How Are New Homes Relevant to Me?

If you already have a home, you need to pay attention to what’s being built. Knowing what people are putting into their custom-built homes tells you what the market is looking for. These are clues to what changes you ought to be making in your home to keep the property value competitive.

What Should I Look For in a General Contractor?

There are plenty of general contractors around, so look for friends or relatives who have had a good experience, know what you want before you start getting estimates, check the licenses and history of contractors, and expect good ones to be too busy to start immediately. If a general contractor is any good, he or she should already be busy remodeling other homes.

Doing a home remodel is one of the best ways to increase your own enjoyment of your home, add to your curb appeal, and drive up your property’s value. Decide what’s right for you and then check with general contractors in your area to help you make just the right plan for your needs.

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