Homeowners Can Save 15% On Their Energy Bill Every Year With This Modern Installation

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Your home is composed of many, many parts. Just like the muscles in your body, all of these need to be carefully looked after if they’re to work in cohesion.

Residential windows are responsible for protecting your home, regulating temperature and keeping your wallet in the green. Sadly, many American homes are still struggling with out-of-date models that make them waste money instead of saving. The best windows today are designed with protective layers to ensure no heat or cold escapes, tougher locks and more eco-friendly materials. If you’re growing frustrated with the aftermath of old windows, replacement windows are an affordable and very smart way to bring out the best your home has to offer.

Did You Know?

Let’s see where your home lands in the mix. Residential windows today are an interesting mix between old models and energy-efficient works of art. This has given commercial window replacement quite a lot to work with over the past few years. A recent national survey saw around two-thirds of homeowners planning a renovation soon, with windows and doors often high on the list. Dual-paned windows are up to two times more effective at both retaining heat and remaining sturdy than single-paned windows.

Save Money On Your Energy Bill

A common sign of inefficient residential windows is an unusually high energy bill. While the occasional rise or dip is nothing unusual (particularly from unpredictable weather), an energy bill that remains high no matter what you do is often a sign you have an unseen draft. According to data provided by the Department Of Energy, over 45% of the average energy bill will go to heating alone. For Americans who depend on natural gas for heat, this cost inches close to $650.

Improve Your Home’s ROI

There’s a lot to appreciate in new residential windows for homeowners who also plan on selling in the future. Energy-efficient windows are in high demand for their ability to retain heat and hold firm under pressure, with more new homeowners actively looking for the best windows alongside the basics. The National Association Of Realtors found that homeowners who replace their residential windows with upgraded models can get nearly 80% back on their investment. You can make this figure even higher with the aid of new siding.

Add Vinyl Siding To The Mix

Another element you can add alongside your residential windows is vinyl siding. This is a very affordable choice for the majority of American homes, costing nearly 12% less than cedar siding and over 25% less than aluminum siding. Even better? Vinyl siding is quite durable and can last for many years with minimal upkeep. High quality and well maintained windows have been found to last up to 20 years on average. When you’re wondering how best to improve your home, residential windows are the perfect place to start planning.

When To Call For Commercial Window Replacement

Does your home feel drafty at the best of times? Is your heating bill constantly rising despite your best efforts to conserve on energy? Spotting these warning signs early on will save you a lot of stress when the season turns extreme. Even your existing double-paned windows can be improved upon. You can save up to 15% every year on your energy bill by swapping out your old, double-paned windows with energy-efficient models. The Efficient Windows Collaborative, a collection of government agencies and research organizations, are constantly spreading awareness to homeowners to help them save money.

Your home may be complex, but it’s often the small actions that have the biggest impact. How can residential windows improve your summer and winter?

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