When to Hire Window Companies

A homeowner will have a number of utilities and maintenance issues to stay on top of, and new homeowners may be surprised by which utilities affect others. New homeowners may soon learn that seemingly unrelated topics such as the windows and air conditioning are in fact connected, and missing this lesson can drive up a homeowner’s electric bill. How can this be? A home’s climate control is dominated by the heating and air conditioning utility, which uses up around 50% of the home’s total electric use. For this reason and more, window companies can and should be contacted to replace old, drafty windows with newer ones. New windows are typically energy saving windows, and commercial window companies can be found in any city. A concerned homeowner may search “best window companies San Diego CA” or “window companies near me Arlington VA” to get started. Can replacement windows really save on the electric bill?

Windows and Energy

Climate control is a matter of air temperature, and windows play a major role in this. While the house’s heating and air conditioning system will work hard to regulate the temperature according to its settings, the windows will interfere. For example, drafty windows allow warm air to escape in winter, and they will also allow cool air to leak out in summer. This totally disrupts the climate control, and it will force the heating and air conditioning utilities to work overtime to compensate. The whole time, that overuse of the heating and cooling system will drive up the electric bill. The owner of a home with drafty windows may soon find a nasty surprise waiting for them on the electric bill. The same may be said if the doors are drafty too, or if the walls or attic have insufficient insulation in them.

Bare windows may be another issue. Whether or not a window is drafty, a lack of blinds or drapes can be a real issue. In winter, a room may rapidly leak warmth if the window is bare, and the reverse is true in summer. During summer and late spring, hot sunlight will flood a room if the window is bare, and the sunlight rapidly warms up the room or entire house. This extra heat forces the air conditioning to work overtime to compensate, and here again the electric bill is being driven up. What can be done about this?

Hire Window Companies

A homeowner may look up local window companies and choose one to hire if their windows are drafty, damaged, or simply old and ugly. The same may happen if a person buys an older house and decides to do some remodeling. Older homes sometimes need some maintenance and updates on their hardware, and this can certainly include the windows for any or all rooms. A person can consult hardware staff or look online for local and reputable window installation crews, and choose one to hire for the job.

Window companies can send over workers who will expertly replace any damaged or drafty windows. They will remove the current windows from the walls, and consult with the homeowner on what sort of new windows are desired. Newer windows may have lighter but tougher frames that can both prevent drafts and make forced entry more difficult, and modern windows may also have energy-saving properties. Many industries are focusing on “going green”, which often involves cutting down electric needs. The atmosphere can be better protected when fossil fuel power plants don’t have to work as hard, and better windows cut down on HVAC use. This may feel rather roundabout, but in short, better windows can cut down on power plant use and reduce emissions.

Meanwhile, the new windows can also have some window treatments added to make them even more effective. Blinds, whether manual or motorized, can do a lot of good. They can look attractive in a room, and they also help keep the room private. This can set the homeowner at ease, knowing that strangers or burglars can’t see valuable items inside the house. Blinds can also block out hot sunlight that can warm up a room, and drapes can keep warm air inside a room during winter. Fire hazards should be kept far away from drapes, however.

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