How does storefront glass work

How does storefront glass work

This YouTube video is about how storefront glass works. The person in the video starts off by explaining the sections of commercial storefront framing. It consists of a pane of glass and a frame or “sill” that is sealed by a gasket.

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The glass is not able to be removed easily once the gasket is in place.

The man in this video shows how the storefront glass is constructed. He takes apart the glass panel, piece by piece.

He demonstrates with a cut-out of storefront glass. Showing how it is put in place, displaying how it is so tight it will not come apart. He removes the glass from the frame. In doing so, he demonstrates how tough it is to take the glass top out once the groove is in place.

Once the pane is removed, he goes step-by-step showing the viewer how secure glass top construction is.

This video is an excellent demonstration for the view about the sturdiness of commercial storefront framing. Glass top construction is made to be durable, so it is impossible for unwelcome visitors to get inside the building. There is no way someone could remove a pane of glass without causing attention to themselves.

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