2021 Bathroom Design Trends to Keep an Eye On

2021 Bathroom Design Trends to Keep an Eye On

This YouTube video is about the newest styles and trends that are currently catching on in bathrooms everywhere.

The former clean, polished looking bathroom is currently on the out list. Although it looks nice and sanitary, it is a little boring. What people are liking when thinking of bathroom remodeling is a more colorful and bold style. Dark colors or stonework are much more appealing.

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Another favorite is the separate bathtubs and showers. The old bathtub/shower combination set up is no longer what people want. Some bathrooms don’t have the capacity to have these items separate. But if you have the room, particularly in your master bathroom, it’s definitely worth looking into.

The ideas in this video were created in an effort to educate and inspire the viewer with some bathroom remodeling ideas. Some ideas are the floating vanity, concealed drains, and displaying the plumbing pipes.

As trends always do, they constantly are changing. What is a trend today may be boring tomorrow. So when deciding upon what bathroom design to go with, ensure that you can live with it for many years. As long as you like how it looks it feels like home is all that really matters.

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