A Simple Guide For Homeowners Confused About The Ins And Outs Of New Gutter Installation

Residential gutter installation

What are the benefits to half round gutters? Should I repair my gutter systems or replace them outright? Will my basement flood?

No need to stress! Being a homeowner is tough enough without piling on worries about all that can go wrong this winter season. Starting off with a new gutter installation is a great way to usher in the new year, because you’ll be keeping your home safe from sudden floods while preparing for all the storms spring will be bringing in a few months. If you’re not sure whether or not your gutter is old enough to be replaced, contacting a gutter installation service will give you the once-over you need. Check out the answers below and see if you can’t get your questions cleared up before you hit up your favorite search engine.

When Were Gutters Made?

A few fun facts never hurt anybody! Gutters are far from a brand new invention and have enjoyed steady prominence since the early 20th century. In fact, it’s possible gutters have been in use much longer and are only being recognized as such by modern eyes. Half round gutters are a model that have been in use for many decades and are still preferred by many homeowners for both their look and efficiency.

Should I Clean Or Repair My Gutter?

You may be scratching your head and wondering about what state your gutters are in. Are they falling apart with disrepair or do they just need a little extra attention? Gutter cleaning should be done at least twice per year to keep you properly prepared for heavy downpours and snow, but once per year can be sufficient for those that live in more consistent climates. The difference is essential, as the average roof can collect over 600 gallons of water with just one inch of rain. Yikes!

Why Is Copper A Good Choice For New Gutter Installations?

You can’t go wrong with copper. They don’t need any painting for protection and are also rust proof, the latter of which is very toxic and should be avoided at all costs. What else can copper gutter installation offer you? Some professionals have estimated a properly installed copper gutter can last 100 years or more. The benefits to half round gutters can be combined with good copper materials and give you the very most out of your gutter cleaning services.

What Are The Benefits To Half Round Gutters?

You may be interested in knowing the benefits to half round gutters. Rain gutters come in two main types — the half round and the K-style — and both have something different to offer you. Unlike the smooth and straight K-style, the half round curves in a distinctive looping shape. Homeowners prefer them because they’re an old-fashioned design that have held up well over the years and can offer a nice aesthetic boost to your home’s exterior set-up.

What Are The Consequences For Clogged Gutters?

We’ve explored the strain that can weigh down your home from just an inch of rainfall, but let’s keep looking. Every gallon of rain water weighs around eight pounds and homes with clogged or weak gutters have a hard time getting rid of all that excess, leaving it in a poor position to defend against leaks, breakage and even flooding. In fact, clogged gutters are responsible for the overwhelming majority of basement water problems. Got furniture or boxes of precious items in your attic? Protect them with commercial gutter replacement.

How Do I Replace My Gutters?

A professional will put your home in a good spot to stand strong against the seasons. They can change out your old gutters, offer new models and provide useful tips for ongoing maintenance. Your downspout extensions should be directed almost two meters away from your home’s foundation walls (as well as away from the road and the back yard) to keep from sending water where it doesn’t need to be. You should also have one downspout for every 30 linear feet of gutter systems — this is a good way to prepare yourself for sudden heavy weather.

Take a deep breath and reach out to your local gutter maintenance services. They’ll take that weight off your shoulders.

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