Remodeled Everything But the Bathroom? Here Are Some Ideas

Bathroom remodeling ideas

Perhaps you’ve spent time remodeling every room in your house, but you skipped the bathroom because you’re all out of ideas. This happens to people every year, whether they’re designing it to their standards, or for resell on the market. Bathroom remodels, however, are growing in popularity as more ideas become available on the market. In 2015, in fact, 81% of people were working on remodeling their bathrooms, making them the most popular room for a remodel. What was one of the most popular choices for a bathroom? Glass shower enclosures, preferred by 79% of homeowners. 91% of participants in a survey found that they wanted to install energy efficient toilets during their remodel, which is another huge switch we’re making. Today we’ll look at some bathroom remodeling ideas for your all-new bathroom design.

How to Perfectly Accomplish Your Bathroom Remodel

Are you looking for a new, modern bathroom style that nobody can resist? How about a spa bathroom, that feels like you’re on a new adventure for relaxation every time you enter the room? We have bathroom ideas we think you’ll love.

Floating Vanities: The first time we saw these, we felt like we were staying in a luxurious hotel. With many people keeping it country and using planks of wood to create these vanities, they never touch the floor, and are nothing like you have ever seen before!

Reclaimed Materials:Many people are choosing to use reclaimed materials in their projects. If you want to create a wonderful wall-space or a backsplash behind your sink, reclaimed materials can make you feel efficient and happy every time you walk into your bathroom. You may even choose reclaimed flooring for that old-style look you can’t resist.

Tile Size: Tiles are coming back. Making intricate patterns and using colors and more in your shower tiles can make for a bright and cheery room! You can even keep it vintage with your color scheme.

There are plenty of bathroom remodeling ideas out there on the market for you to try. If you’re attempting to make your bathroom your “space” of choice, or a great place to get away, look into some of these great, modern designs.

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