Landscaping Ideas From Patios to Rock Gardens

A patio can be a great way to make your backyard much more comfortable for relaxing and socializing. There are many different ways to design a patio, so take look at different websites for nspiration. You might find some great backyard covered patio designs that would protect you from the hot summer sun. You should also look at backyard furniture design ideas. The right furniture can make your patio the best place to hang out, so take your time deciding what to get. You could get a full backyard creations patio set in order to have a sleek, matching look to your furniture. Or you can mix and match backyard furniture chairs, creating a more relaxed effect. No matter what you choose to do, you can make a place that is uniquely yours.

In order to get a patio installed, talk to patio companies in your area. They can help you figure out what will work best with your yard. They can also help you work within your budget, getting a patio that you can afford.

Rockery rocks

Are you planning to enhance your outdoor living spaces or curb appeal? You’re probably aware that landscaping alone can increase a home’s resale value. Recent information indicates that this can be as much as 14%. Even if you’re not planning to sell your home in the near future, just imagine how much more you’ll enjoy being in your front or back yards once they’ve been professionally landscaped.

If you’re looking for landscaping ideas, have you considered using gravel, river rock, or other types of landscaping rocks? Whether you’re creating a driveway, landscaping a yard, or diverting underground water, there are different types of rocks available to complete these tasks. When you spend a considerable amount of time weeding, for example, were you aware that a thin layer of small rocks can assist you with weed control? All you will usually need is a one-inch layer to keep those weeds in check.

River rock is popular and has a variety of uses, particularly since there are so many color variations. This smooth gravel is usually about one to two inches in diameter, and can be used in a variety of rock garden designs. Many homeowners may use it to upgrade their driveways, patios, terraces, and walkways. The 2017 Houzz Landscape Trends study, for instance, found that 38% of homeowners are upgrading these areas with either crushed gravel or river rock.

If you’re planning to create a gravel driveway, experts recommend that it’s a good practice to use three different sizes of gravel in three separate layers. The first layer should contain four inches of baseball-sized rocks, the second three to four inches of golf-ball-sized rocks, and the final layer four inches of marble-sized rocks. When your driveway is properly installed and maintained, it will usually last three to five years. In some cases, however, it may even last up to ten years when it receives regular attention.

If you have a terraced backyard, you may need to divert underground water with drainage gravel. When you live in an area that receives a considerable amount of rainfall, using drainage gravel may also be needed to divert water away from other areas of your yard. Drainage gravel may also be recommended for other purposes, such as areas where water tends to pool.

Many homeowners may also enjoy having rockery rock to create a unique garden or patio feature. Since some of these larger rocks have intriguing configurations, they can be grouped together amid a bed of coarse sand.

There are other uses for landscaping rocks. Some homeowners may also embed plants in their grooves or use them for seating. Since there are so many different sizes of rockery rocks, they can be matched in size to form a raised plant bed or to delineate a walkway or patio area.

Do you currently enjoy spending time outside in your yard? A recent survey conducted on behalf of the National Association of Landscape Professionals by Harris Poll found that many other Americans do enjoy being in their yards. In fact, this amounted to 75% of the participants within this poll. Once you’ve had your front and/or back yard professionally landscaped, chances are that weather willing, you’ll spend even more time outside enjoying yourself and entertaining.

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