Why You Should Add a Firepit to Your Landscape

Why You Should Add a Firepit to Your Landscape

UPDATED 2/23/21 Fire pits add a touch of class to your landscaping design. From the classic bonfire outdoor party spot to a cozy apartment size fire pit, there are plenty of options to choose from. Fire pit design can be a simple Do-It-Yourself project or a luxurious permanent addition to your home. It can be a beloved source of entertainment […]

How to Replace Damaged Pool and Patio Screens

There’s no doubt that swimming is popular throughout America. In fact, statistics show that swimming is the fourth most popular sports related activity throughout the United States. Considering that, many homeowners throughout the country enjoy having pools of their own. You don’t have to specifically own a pool for exercise purposes. Having a pool creates a great spot for both […]

Home and Kitchen Renovation

Home renovation and restoration is a popular route for homeowners to take, especially when they move into an older home and don’t like the decor or the age of the features inside. The kitchen is one particular area where homeowners may focus their efforts, since the kitchen is a place where food is prepared, and no one would like the […]