3 Steps to Take When Planning a Home Addition

3 Steps to Take When Planning a Home Addition

You’ve probably thought about adding a new room to your house for a few years. Whether you need an office addition or another bedroom, a home addition company can help plan what you want and achieve it in the most efficient way. Forming a plan is vital for this project, and these three steps will ensure that everything goes smoothly. […]

How Old Is the Flooring in Your Home?

The list of things that need to be updated at your house is both long and expensive. From replacing the deck to recarpeting the house, you are in the process of deciding the order of your priorities. You also need to replace, or at least restain, all of the cupboards in the kitchen and have the wood floor on the […]

When to Replace Your Water Heater

Water is one of the central resources for today’s society, both for commercial and public use. Car washes, public swimming pools, fountains, plumbing in office buildings, all the way to private use in the home, for familiar uses like showers and baths, flushing the toilet, running sinks, garden hoses, and the washing machine, plus recreational uses like washing a car […]

Planting a Pollinator Garden When the Bees Need It Most

There is nothing more refreshing than sitting in your garden and watching the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds make their way through your beautiful array of flowers. Its hard to remember that they are looking for food as the flit from plant to plant. During the early spring and mid to late fall planting seasons food becomes an increasing problem for […]