Take your #platparenthood to the next level with your gardening

Many Americans have obsessions with gardening and keeping plants. In 2017, 117.6 million people did some sort of gardening in or around their homes with many different n house and outdoor gardens with hundreds of different plans filling their surroundings with both color and beauty. These gardens are not only the apple of their owners eye, but they are also showcased in photographs all across social media. Who exactly is doing this gardening and is this a trend that you should be taking part in? Let’s go over some of the details that it takes to make your #plantparenthood goals a thing that everyone will envy and want to see.

Gardening has turned into a trend on the rise! With most consumers spending roughly $141.06 dollars on both lawn care and plants for their homes. This is the average cost for putting together a beautiful garden but the benefits of that cost are growing rapidly. Consider the $141 dollars that you’ll spend an investment into the future of your beautiful personal plant nursery. It was with your starter garden that in no time you’ll be the keeper of your own personal secret garden. This price is only a little price to pay for the beauty that comes out of having the perfect plans and garden. These home garden sales are rapidly increasing with a slated increase by $10 billion dollars by the end of 2018 alone!

Who’s doing all of this gardening you may ask. Well the answer to that question is an easy one. The average age of people doing all of this hard gardening work are individuals between the ages of 18 and 34. They actually make up 29% of the gardening households. But that doesn’t mean that they are the only ones who are getting their hands dirty in the soil. No, gardening has no real age and anyone who wants to plant or pretend that they have a green thumb can get out there and make their gardens beautiful. The beauty of gardening is that it doesn’t matter who you are. Regardless of that fact if you have the drive to get out there and start planting then the world is your oyster to explore it and create something beautiful that you and your neighbors can feast your eyes on.

Even if you don’t have a big lovely garden to show off to everyone, at least 30% of households have some type of succulent in their homes they tend to. Don’t think you have the attention span for a garden? Or want to get your hands wet learning how to garden perhaps a houseplant could be your gateway to planting all of the seeds and roots your heart could desire. It is never too big or too small of a mission to start planting your plants and getting started on creating your garden of envy. Many Americans find that this is the fastest way to develop some sort of obsession with gardening.

The great thing about raising our garden is that you don’t even have to spend an arm and a leg to do it. While yes, local garden centers will give you a head start with the flowers and plants that you want and that you think are beautiful, you can also begin with your own seeds from left over flowers and fruits and veggies as well. Gardening is a hobby for literally anyone.

If you find yourself intrigued with the idea of having your perfect secret garden within your own backyard it’s time to get out there and begin planting your roots and grooming your garden to be just the thing you see of it in your head. You’re never to old to start making that thumb green. Pick your favorite flowers and get going with this new beautiful hobby that you’ll want to share on all of your social media pages just for how hard you’ve worked and how beautiful the outcome has become.

Grow your garden today and start to show everyone just how much beauty can come from just a little bit of effort. You’ll reap all of the benefits from the hard work.

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