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    3 Steps to Take When Planning a Home Addition

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    Adding on to a home can be an easy way to have more functional space without completely remodeling the home. Room additions can be used for almost any purpose — and with the 2016 U.S. Houzz and Home survey showing that 29% of custom built homes included a gaming or entertainment room, home additions can be great ways to expand entertainment space. But before you start building an addition, let’s take a look at a few primary steps that should take place.

    Hire a home remodeling contractor: Before you even begin to plan a room addition, you need to first hire a residential contractor for the job. There is a lot more that goes into adding a room addition than you may think. From obtaining permits to ensuring electrical work is done safely, a contractor can be extremely beneficial during home remodeling projects. Without a contractor, home remodeling projects may take longer and more problems may arise. So once you have a general idea of what you want the final room addition to be, make sure you hire a contractor before getting started.

    Consider your property: One of the first things that should be done when planning on adding an addition to a home is to consider the property and the layout of the home. You need to ensure you have room to add on without going over your property lines. So when you’re making room addition plans, consider the size and shape of your property first. This way, you can be sure that the layout of your home and the new addition fit well on your property and still leaves you ample yard space. And you don’t want to make plans only to find out later on that your addition goes over your property lines.

    Choose must-have features: Aside from the location, size, and shape of your addition, it’s important to think about what kind of features you want to include in your new room. Do you want a fireplace for cold, winter nights? Or do you plan on using the room as an entertainment area and need plenty of lights and speakers? These features are important to consider because they will affect how much you spend on the addition. Additionally, these features should be planned ahead of time so electrical work can be done accordingly.

    Building an addition is a great way to expand a home and get that much-needed extra space. And by following these few important steps, you can have an awesome room addition in no time.

    We Know Exactly Why Your Roof Is Going To Leak This Winter. Do You?

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    After a roof installation

    , a multitude of homeowners tends to allow their roofs to fall into disrepair. This isn’t purposeful so much as it’s them thinking roofs are close to invincible. True, a good roof installation will prove doughty for a long time, but far from invincible.

    In fact, under normal circumstances, you should have your roof inspected once or twice every year. Furthermore, you should definitely have your roof inspected before winter. Late summer and early fall are good times to have roofing services completed. This way, you’ve caught any issues and completed roof repairs before the weather takes a turn for the worst.

    The trouble is, a lot of people don’t do this. Once winter gets here, these are some of the reasons their roofs might leak. Don’t be those people.

    Never checked

    A common disregard that leads to leaks is people never getting on their roofs and just looking for weak spots. Also, never inspecting ceilings from the inside. Indoor ceiling inspection can be more telling than standing on your roof and staring at shingles. Unseen weak spots have usually already been leaking, but unnoticeably. Winter packs snow onto the roof and melting snow causes those little weaknesses to be much more apparent.

    Ice dams

    Ice dams are the most common wintertime roof leaks. When snow melts on your roof and trickles into your gutters, that snowmelt causes more water than gutters can handle. This is especially true when gutters are filled with debris left over from autumn. Then all that water overflows and freezes where your gutters meet the roof. When it melts again, you’ve got fabulous little leaks caused by ice dams. Solution? Keep your gutters clean. If you get so much snow that clear gutters couldn’t handle the melt, get on your roof and carefully clear off some excess snow.

    Attic condensation

    Tougher to recognize, attic condensation can be an insidious cause of winter roof leaks. When the warm air in your house rises to the attic and comes in contact with the cold roof, it causes condensation. You knew that from your childhood science classes. Condensation on wooden interior roofing will cause erosion and, over time, eroded roofing will let more and more water in. A proper roof installation must consider the interior as well. Be sure your attic is adequately insulated so that warm air doesn’t escape your house and doesn’t cause damaging condensation.

    Keep your roof tight this winter. Banish moisture by keeping tabs on your roof — inside and outside — and address potential problems quickly. Nobody wants to be fixing roof leaks in the middle of February. Get the jump on them now.

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    Why a Custom Pool Design Might Be What You’re Looking For

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    Maybe you’ve heard about custom pool designs and thought it would be nice to have one. Think of how much you could enjoy your time working out while getting to exercise and even relax when you have a pool made exactly to the specifications you want. You’ll have extra room for family, or as much space as you need for yourself. If you haven’t thought about the benefits of a pool renovation, here’s a few reasons to consider having one built exactly to your needs.

    The Pool is the Best Place to Exercise

    If you enjoy exercising in the water because you find it easier on your joints, you already know the pool is the place to be. Swimming is not only easier on your body, but the water provides built-in resistance, allowing you to get the best type of workout. If you’d like to exercise in the pool but find it’s not large enough, consider having a custom pool design to make life easier. You can have the space you need to enjoy the pool with your family without makin

    Take your #platparenthood to the next level with your gardening

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    Many Americans have obsessions with gardening and keeping plants. In 2017, 117.6 million people did some sort of gardening in or around their homes with many different n house and outdoor gardens with hundreds of different plans filling their surroundings with both color and beauty. These gardens are not only the apple of their owners eye, but they are also showcased in photographs all across social media. Who exactly is doing this gardening and is this a trend that you should be taking part in? Let’s go over some of the details that it takes to make your #plantparenthood goals a thing that everyone will envy and want to see.

    Gardening has turned into a trend on the rise! With most consumers spending roughly $141.06 dollars on both lawn care and plants for their homes. This is the average cost for putting together a beautiful garden but the benefits of that cost are growing rapidly. Consider the $141 dollars that you’ll spend an investment into the future of your beautiful person

    How can a residential or commercial trash company improve your functions

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    On Average most Americans generate over four pounds of trash every day! That’s four pounds of trash that have to be divided by regular trash and recycling. Now, imagine if you are the owner of a housing complex. Imagine the amount of trash that you have to deal with for the building on a daily basis. Trash removal could potentially be one of the most important things that you deal with when it comes to your business, wouldn’t it be? If you are one of the people who do in fact own such a business, before you find yourself panicking about all of these stressful matters, trash removal can be made easy with a residential waste removal company that could take the stress out of making sure that everything is out on the curb when that once a week time comes.

    In the average lifetime, the typical American throws away 600 times their adult body weight in trash. That’s a lot of trash to get tossed out day after day. Hiring private garbage services to come and empty your dumpster rental coul

    The Best Moisture Resistant Floor Secrets

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    Boating is a popular hobby for many United States residents. Whether you are a fan of water sports, throwing a line off the boat in your favorite fishing spot, or simply going out for a float on your local lake, odds are you want your boat to be as well maintained as possible. That being said, figuring out a flooring situation to defend your deck of your boat isn’t always easy. Wooden boat flooring is vulnerable to rot and decay and prone to deck repair, vinyl and other slick flooring will just pose a slip hazard when your boat floor gets wet with spray, and carpet for boats is not traditionally something you want regularly exposed to water. So what are the best waterproof floor coating solutions for your boat?

    Again, let’s touch on vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is a cheap, durable, no nonsense flooring option that is great in high traffic areas of the home, such as the kitchen. While vinyl flooring

    American Energy Usage Finally Has A Solution The Efficiency Of Long-Lasting LED Induction Lighting

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    Lighting affects everything we do. That doesn’t always mean it’s efficient.

    We use light to brighten up our homes and help us navigate the roads. We see different forms of lighting depending on the amount of people in a building or how energy-efficient a project needs to be. With the advent of the circuit board light fixture we’re able to enjoy steady 24-hour brightness in several locations, from the parking lot to the hospital. If you’ve wondered whether or not it’s possible to save money, even as you make it, look to the high intensity LED. This resource remains among the most potent additions to today’s lighting market, providing businesses and individuals alike the best of both worlds.

    Save money and keep the environment clean. Here’s how the energy efficient circuit board light fixture works.

    We’ve come quite a ways from lanterns and old-fashioned bulbs. Nikola Tesla demonstrated induction lighting in the late 1890s, paving the way for the circuit bo

    How Old Is the Flooring in Your Home?

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    The list of things that need to be updated at your house is both long and expensive. From replacing the deck to recarpeting the house, you are in the process of deciding the order of your priorities. You also need to replace, or at least restain, all of the cupboards in the kitchen and have the wood floor on the first floor refinished. It is also difficult to think about redoing the kitchen floor and cabinets without thinking about updating the appliances in that space. For years you have been working with a stove top that only has two of four working burners and a refrigerator with an ice maker that does not work. In fact, you have let so many things go that you are now looking at a daunting list of things that really must be taken care of.
    Maintaining a house is never an easy task, and caring for flooring is a major investment of both time and money. From gray bamboo flooring to many of the other new kinds of flooring options, there are a number of products available that requir

    Taking A Look At The Importance Of Your Plumbing System

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    From contaminated object removal to dealing with water damage, your plumbing system can lead to some serious problems in your home if it is not monitored and taken care of as it should be. From water damage to wasted water, the impact of a plumbing leak can be more severe than the typical home owner realizes, but to really understand the severity of such a thing, we must first look towards the massive amounts of water that are being consumed here in the United States. There’s no doubt about it that it’s a truly astronomical amount.

    In fact, the typical family here in the United States will easily use as many as four hundred gallons of water on a daily basis, if not even more than that (depending on the size of the family in question and any number of other factors). Much of this water comes from everyday use, from running the bath – a fully filled bath tub can typically hold more than thirty five gallons of water – to taking a shower to doing the dishes. Even brushing your teeth u

    Is Poor Insulation Overworking Your HVAC System?

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    Keeping your home temperature controlled, not too humid, and not too cold, is essential to not just staying comfortable, but also keeping your home in good shape. HVAC service companies can help you keep your system working effectively, but here are something to look for and consider before calling them.

    Does Your Home Need New Insulation?

    Homes that need new isolation, or are generally under insulated can contribute greatly to energy loss in your home. Having good insulation that is up to par can help keep your home comfortable, your wallet happy, and your HVAC system from working harder than necessary. Here’s what to look for to see if your home has adequate insulation.

    • High Utility Bills. Take a look at your energy bills and see if there are any unexplained peaks that occur. This could mean that the attic insulation has settled and flattened, making it efficient for stopping energy loss.
    • Touch. Are the walls, ceilin