Why Regular Inspections and Maintenance Are Necessary for Trees

There’s almost nothing more appealing than a house surrounded by gracious old trees that have sheltered it over the years. They provide shade, act as windbreaks, and add beauty to a home. In return, they need proper care and maintenance, with routine inspections by a tree service for any insects and diseases. They should be regularly pruned by a qualified arborist, to prevent loose branches from breaking off and causing damage during storms. And if a tree has become too weak or poses a risk of causing damage, you may need to call in the professionals for tree and stump removal.

Tree health and maintenance
Trees add beauty and value to a property, as well as providing a home and food for all kinds of birds and animals. Most people feel privileged to have mature, healthy trees in their yards. In fact, healthy trees and shrubs can actually increase the value of a home by as much as 14%. However, like humans, trees need regular care and check ups to maintain their health. Also like humans, they are susceptible to harm by insects and diseases, as also wild weather with wind, heavy rain and snow.
Professional arborists with a tree care company can do thorough inspections, and also check for any risks from damaged trees. They have the training and knowledge to identify damage even if it is not visible. Following the inspecting, they may provide treatment for the problem or recommend tree and stump removal. Tree services can also provide tree trimming services to ensure healthy and even growth as well as safety.

Pruning and safety
Tree trimming and crown thinning can become necessary if a tree has damaged or loose branches or lopsided growth. Falling branches can be hazardous, and falling trees even more so. A single tree can weigh as much as 50 tons, and can do a lot of damage if it falls during a storm. Damage due to falling trees adds up to over $ 1 billion every year, according the National Storm Damage Center.
Regular inspections and proper tree pruning methods can help prevent such problems. Pruning is necessary for tree health and growth, and should be done by a qualified arborist. The proper method of pruning helps to remove deadwood and promotes better circulation of nutrients for healthy growth. It can also help to maintain the natural shape and beauty of the tree by correcting lopsided growth. A healthier tree is also more resistant to insects and diseases, as well as storm damage.

Tree and stump removal
In some cases, tree and stump removal may become necessary. Hazardous trees can be a risk to property and people. Sometimes a tree has been damaged beyond repair or has too much deadwood. Tree and stump removal can be a complex task, and it’s best not to try it yourself. Especially if a tree is growing close by a house or other building, removal must be done very carefully.
The size, location and condition of the tree will determine the methods of tree and stump removal used by the professional arborists. Some tree services will chop up the logs for firewood, though this may cost extra.

Tree care and maintenance are necessary for healthy trees that are resistant to pests and weather damage. Pruning, trimming, felling trees and stump removal are all very specialized tasks and should only be done by qualified professionals.

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