What to Expect When Your Become a Family Care Doctor

What to Expect When Your Become a Family Care Doctor

In this video Kevin Jubbal M.D. tells you everything about practicing as family doctors. To find out little details about why being a family doctor is a good choice, watch the full video.

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If you wish to practice family medicine then you’d most likely appreciate the notion of working in primary care, with patients of all ages, and you, like Vin Diesel, don’t have friends, but you do have family. Let’s bust some fallacies about public perception and tell it like it is. This is how family medicine works.
The generalists of generalists, family medicine is at the heart of primary care. Unlike other specialties that focus on a single organ, condition, or age group, family physicians care for patients of all ages, from infants to seniors, and everything in between.
Following medical school, a three-year residency in family medicine is required. It’s categorical, which means you’ll match into one program and spend all three years of your undergraduate career there, including your internship year.
If you’re a medical student who enjoyed everything non-surgical in third year and didn’t want to give up any of it, including not only organ systems but also age, family medicine might be a wonderful fit for you.
To find out more about jobs as a family doctor, watch other videos on the channel.

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