Learn How to Install Your GFCI Outlet

Learn How to Install Your GFCI Outlet

In this video, you will learn about how to install your GCFI outlet. The points covered in this video will include GFCI installation and service. A GCFI outlet stands for ground fault circuit interrupter.

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It is a safety mechanism that is installed inside an outlet. This is important to install, as it shuts down when there is a fluctuation in the current and saves the device and person who is holding it. They are supposed to mandate to be placed anywhere that is 3 to 6 feet from the outlet of water.
You will first require a GFCI outlet for the GCFI installation and service. Then, you need to turn off the power that runs through the respective breaker. Then you will attach the outlet box to the framing and then you can run your wire through it and staple it in place. After installing the wire, you will cut a little to finally see a ground wire, your black wire and your white wire. There are pocket holes installed in the GCFI outlet and all you need to do is get the wires through here.
First the ground wire will be attached to the green screw on the outlet. Then, you will tighten the screw. Then you will install the black wire on the hot wire pocket which is labeled on the outlet. And, finally you attach the white wire on the neutral pocket of the outlet which is also labeled. Then, you will bend the wires to put the outlet back in place and your GCFI outlet is installed.

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