What Makes Jackson Hole Real Estate So Valuable

Real estate in jackson wy

In 1971, a yahoo named Bill Briggs skied down the 13,772 foot Grand Teton, a fete he was later inducted into the Ski Hall of Fame for. Since then, the sleepy valley of Jackson Hole has catapulted into the place for the global elite to buy land. There is much demand for Jackson Hole land for sale, particularly Jackson hole luxury real estate.

So what is the appeal of Jackson Hole land for sale? For one, Jackson Hole land for sale is in a lovely town. While Jackson Hole is an 80 mile by 15 mile valley, the town of Jackson is the main settlement in the valley. Most Jackson hole realtors are there, as is most Jackson Hole commercial real estate. In this town, the mean commute time is just 12 minutes.

Jackson Hole land for sale, such as Jackson hole ranches for sale, are also in the best destination of a business friendly state. As Wyoming receives most revenue from tourism and mining, there is no state income taxes, and residents overall enjoy the lowest tax burden in the country. No wonder why the host state of Jackson hole real estate was ranked Bloomberg Best Places to Do Business for a seventh straight year.

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