The Perfect Garden Soil for a Raised Bed Garden

The Perfect Garden Soil for a Raised Bed Garden

Whether or not you will have a blooming, successful raised bed garden all comes down to what type of garden soil you are using. Purchasing soil at the store and using only that will only get you so far. In this video, joegardenTV shares his secret for what he believes to be the perfect soil recipe.

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He explains that the perfect soil can take months to build, but it will be a mixture of high-quality organic matter. He ensures that the elements in his soil are thoroughly mixed together. About half of his recipe is made up of high-quality topsoil. After that, 30% is made up of high-quality compost. He acknowledges that while it’s best to make your own compost, it can be difficult to create enough to make up 30% of your garden soil mixture. When searching for compost, he encourages finding a reputable compost retailer.

After 80% of the mixture has been created, he lists six options to make up the final 20%:

  • Well-aged shredded leaves
  • Mineralized soil blend
  • Worm castings
  • Mushroom compost
  • Aged ground bark
  • Composted cow or poultry manure
  • Joe recommends avoiding horse manure as an option for your garden soil. For more information about gardening and soil, be sure to check out other videos on joegardenTV’s channel.


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