Checking A New Homes HVAC System

Checking A New Homes HVAC System

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Homebuyers need to go over potential homes with a fine-tooth comb. One area you’ll want to make sure is functioning properly is the HVAC system. Watch the video and read our list to know what exactly to look for during hvac inspections.

Drainage System

The first thing is the easiest to check: the drainage system. This is crucial to making sure that any clogs in the HVAC system don’t ruin the machine or cause secondary damage.

Check for two separate drainage pans under the machine, and two separate lines for draining. It’s also good to have an emergency float switch that will shut the power off on the machine if the water reaches a certain level in the drainage pan.


To make sure your HVAC system is running efficiently, check the temperature at the return and supply side of the system. You’re looking for 18-20 degrees of difference between the two ends. If it’s higher or lower, you may have a freon leak that needs addressing.


The last thing on your checklist is to check that the HVAC system can sufficiently heat and cool the entire square footage of the house. Check the data tag for the tonnage of the machine, and multiply by 500sq ft. Compare with the square footage of the home to ensure you won’t have any drafty parts of the house.

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