The Difference Between Modern And Classical Furniture What Looks Best In The Average Home

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Furniture is everything in a home. It’s a physical way of displaying your unique personality and carving out a space that is truly yours. Unfortunately, the variety of furniture on display is very much a double-edged sword. Where do you even begin with the plethora of different styles, textures and materials on display at any given outlet or independent store? This can leave homeowners and renters alike floundering without a paddle as they attempt to do everything from finding a cohesive interior design to managing their budget. With a little history under your belt, modern furniture can do more than just make sense. It can transform your living space into the very best version of itself.

How Has Furniture Changed Over The Decades?

Furniture is more than just decoration. It’s one of humanity’s many ways of defining itself. They can communicate everything from artistic intent to even class division. In medieval times, for example, chairs were primarily used by noblemen or those considered in the upper class of society, while lower classes would either sit on the floor or use backless stools. The Ancient Egyptians also used and made some of the earliest known tables, though back then they were little more than raised stone platforms to just keep food and items off the floor.

What Were Different Furniture Movements?

The decades have seen dramatic changes in people’s aesthetic tastes and functional desires. The late 1600’s saw the first edition of an architectural manual called ‘Lessons Of Architecture’ released, where the distinction between a home’s more formal spaces and the ones that were the most lived in eventually gave rise to the modern day living room. It’s hard to believe that something so mundane today was considered revolutionary a few centuries back!

What’s The Difference Between Modern Furniture And Classical?

Let’s continue the list with one of the most obvious questions. Modern furniture designers have to be both up-to-date on modern trends and constantly aware of the history they came from. Modern furniture refers to furniture created from the late 19th century through today, sometimes called a ‘modernist style’ by professionals. Classical furniture, on the other hand, is notable for being rather old and spanning multiple centuries throughout the West. The difference between modernism and classical is about as stark as night and day.

What Defines Modern Furniture Aesthetic?

Modern furniture is known for a few particular traits. The modernism movement in general art and commercial design embraces discontinuity and the unexpected, consistently rejecting realism and more traditional approaches. Modernist furniture is characterized by straight and clean lines as well as bold and simple colors — compare this to the heavy and ornately decorated classical furniture, sometimes known as ‘antique furniture’. To buy modern furniture is to become well-acquainted with a stylish and clean visual look.

What Furniture Should I Choose?

When the furniture market in the United States is reaching a yearly revenue of over $60 billion, you know you’re in good hands. Although the sales of new home furnishings has slowed down a little after the housing market crash, inexpensive modern furniture and high end contemporary furniture is making a notable comeback. If you’re looking to go iconic, one of the most well-known pieces of modern furniture is still the Wassily chair. A good sofa can strike the happy balance between attractive and functional, of course, and you can’t go wrong with a pair of lovely chairs. Wherever trends will take us in the next few decades, modern furniture is here to stay.
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