Stick On Wood Panels Offer a Great Way to Change the Look of Any Room

The stick on wood panels are the final step. Finding the right kind of stick on panels was not easy but you finally settled on one that everyone in the family liked. Peel and stick accent walls continue ton grow in popularity as many families want to find a way to add a focal point to any space in the home. With the use of peel and stick wood wall planks it is possible to make sure that you add the drama that you want without permanently making a change.

From adhesive shiplap to other kinds of self adhering wall planks, there is a wide variety of products that you can use to give any space a new look.

Do You Want to Make a Quick Change to a Room in Your Home?

Finding the right stick on wood panels can help you create a great space in any room in your home. Easily and quickly applied, these adhesive planks provide a way for even the least experienced property owners to make a quick transition to a basement, a kitchen, a bedroom, or a family room.

Even though there are many home owners who can go decades without making any changes, the fact of the matter is that interior designers recommend updating the decor in a room every five to 10 years. Hardwoods have been a part of many people’s homes for a long time. One of the limitations of these products, however, has been that hardwood trees can take as long as twenty years or more to reach maturity.
Fortunately, even though it can take a long time to develop, with proper care, wood can last for hundreds of years without rot or wear. Another reason that wood is such a good alternative for so many homes is that it really can serve as a neutral color, and more than 33% of respondents in a 2017 Interior Design Trends survey indicate that they would choose a neutral color palette when redecorating their home. As opposed to going with a carpet, the decision to use wood flooring provides a look that is easy to match.

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