Removing Tree Stumps Step by Step

Removing Tree Stumps Step by Step

If you are a homeowner, chances are you have some unwanted tree stump or two ruining the aesthetic of your yard. If you are sick of seeing these eyesores sticking out of your yard, it’s time to remove them.

When removing tree stumps, the first step you should take is exposing the roots. These need to be cut and removed so you need to be able to see and reach them. You’ll need to use some kind of cutting device, preferably a set of loppers, to cut the roots out.

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There will be plenty of hidden roots that need to be cut so you have to dig enough of the area out in order to fully expose them. After you cut the exposed roots that are small enough to cut with loppers, you’ll move on to the bigger ones.

To cut these bigger roots you’ll need something bigger, like a handsaw or a power tool like a reciprocating saw. Using a power tool can save you a lot of the manual labor that you’d be doing with a standard saw. After the roots are all cut, the stump itself needs to be manually removed. Be careful with this step as the stumps are very heavy. Once the stump is moved, the only thing left to do is fil the remaining hole with dirt.

If you don’t feel confident in your stump removing ability, it is better to get in contact with someone who provides stump removal services to get the job done properly

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