Over 80% Of Homeowners Use Their Backyard To Entertain How To Have Fun This Summer

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Summer is on its way. Got anything fun planned? The hot season is a perfect time for getting outside and enjoying the weather, hanging out with family and letting loose at parties. When your home is feeling a little lackluster, a renovation may be just what you need to breathe excitement into your life. Pool renovation services or a hot tub installation are quickly becoming one of the most popular options for American homeowners. They’re a great way to get exercise, invite people over and even bolster your home’s ROI.

Embrace A New Exercise Regimen

One of the best elements about a pool is having an entire exercise regimen at your disposal. Swimming is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise due to the human body moving against the current of the water, putting healthy pressure on your heart, lungs and upper-body muscles. Swimming has been found to be one of the most popular recreational activities for both children and teenagers in the United States (regularly reaching number four on many lists), with the average person swimming in a pool six times per year. To encourage a healthier heart and discourage illness, a quick dip twice per week will do wonders for your constitution.

Improve Your Home’s Future ROI

If you want to sell your home in the future, you’re likely wondering how you can bolster your house’s ROI. A pool renovation is a noticeable investment, often a huge attraction for future homeowners browsing the housing market. Studies have shown an outdoor kitchen or hot tub can see an average ROI of 100% to even 200%. Landscape architects who specialize in residential design were recently asked to rate the most popular choices by homeowners, with outdoor living spaces (defined as entertainment spaces) the second most liked at 90%.

Create Fun And Exciting Get-Togethers

Summer is a blast because of all the great memories you can create under the hot sun. If you’re the kind of homeowner that wants to throw more backyard parties and get-togethers, consider a pool renovation or outdoor kitchen. A 2014 Houzz Spring Landscaping Trends Study, a majority 80% of respondents considered their backyard ‘an ideal entertainment space’. Remember to keep your outdoor kitchen food prep zone at least three to four feet clear of any furniture to prevent small fires!

Develop An Involving Side Hobby

Homeowners do their best to take care of their indoor and outdoor spaces. While a pool renovation isn’t the most taxing element, it still requires a little maintenance than the average addition. The average inground pool liner lasts anywhere from five to 12 years, while above ground pool liner should hit six to 10 years on average. Pool plaster slowly degrades over time, so a new coat of plaster every 10 years should keep it in fighting shape.

Have Fun This Summer Season

Contacting swimming pool builders can be the first step toward having a blast this summer. With the help of a pool renovation you can develop an invigorating new hobby, improve the ROI of your home and have another resource to offer your neighbors and friends on the weekend. A pool needs only be protected against the elements and cleaned out once in a while to remain perfect for swimming, with any plaster replacements unneeded until eight or nine years down the line. Ready to get your summer on? You’re one installation away from months of endless fun.

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