Measuring Your Roof for an Accurate Estimate

Measuring Your Roof for an Accurate Estimate

There comes a time when every homeowner needs to replace their roof. It is inevitable. This is usually a rather expensive project, but for good reason. Having a sound roof protects your most expensive investment while giving you peace of mind. When the time comes for your roofing replacement, this first step is to get an accurate roofing estimate. Relying on a professional roofing contractor will be your best bet in obtaining a reliable figure.

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In this video, you will learn how an estimate is calculated.

Square footage is generally the biggest factor when deciding the number of materials needed for your roof. It is extremely important to get this figure right, or else you might over or understand on materials, creating a headache when it comes time to carry out your project. Diagraming the roof with measurements is extremely important. This will act as a “blueprint” for the project. As a tool of thumb for roofers, 10 square feet is equal to 1 roofing square. So it is important not to assume that the home’s liveable square footage relates to the square footage of the roof. If you need a roofing replacement, be sure to acquire a roofing estimate from a few contractors to see what options you may have.

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