Locks And Keys The Basics Of Security

Keyless entry

Keys are one of the few things that have yet to be replaced completely by technology. Though many doors and entrances now are equipped with keyless entry, many stilly rely upon traditional keys, whether as backups or primary means of entry and security. Keys can effectively keep us safe and secure, if utilized correctly. Yet all too often, we’re careless with are keys. We leave them in various places around the house; we don’t both to call a locksmith even after they’ve been stolen; and we don’t make as many copies of them as we should. With that being said, you can secure your home while a the same time using traditional keys. Let’s look into how keys and alarms can keep our homes safe and secure. The more you know about security, the better equipped you can be to keep yourself not only safe from burglars, but less likely to experience the pure inconvenience of losing your keys. Remember — this isn’t just about keeping yourself as safe as possible on a physical level; it’s also about making your busy life just a little bit simpler. All of us can benefit from that, can’t we?

Burglary: The Real Risk

As much we don’t like to think about it, burglaries still happen. They often don’t result in physical injury — though of course, that’s always a risk — but they do result in personal and financial losses that are undeniable, in some cases extremely difficult to recover from. To prevent burglaries, you should think about how burglars can potentially get into your home, and for that matter why your home would be a more appealing target than others. It’s believed that a total of 60% of burglars gain access to a home through forced entry. This could include everything from breaking a door down to lock picking. However, 30% of burglars gain access to a home through an unlocked door, window, or any other opening that isn’t locked. In about 28% of burglaries, someone was home during a burglary — and in seven percent of those, some type of injury occurred. Unfortunately, the U.S. leads the world in the number of burglars occurring; a new burglary happens every 15 seconds, leaving many of us vulnerable to this kind of theft. Perhaps their frequency is part of the reason why they’re so difficult to solve. It’s believed that only 13% of burglaries are solved by police, and the chances of recovering your stolen property are even smaller.

Securing Your Home: The Steps To Take

There are many ways through which you can secure your home. Of course, there are plenty of alarm systems at play. Many of them are high tech, and many of them are also very expensive. This means that some are not options for everyone, and for that matter they can be extremely difficult to install in certain properties. Whether or not you have an alarm system in place, you should take steps to ensure that your spare key — which yes, you should still have — is well-hidden. Ideally, these keys should be hidden at least 20 feet away from the door. The location should be inconvenient to find, and ideally you should change the location of your key frequently. This way, if someone is casing your house, they will not be able to get a consistent idea of where your key is.

Caring For Keys: Beyond Hiding Them

Caring for your keys goes beyond hiding them. It’s very easy to lose keys; in fact, car keys are the third most common thing to lose. Comparatively, house keys are the second most common thing to lose. With that being said, we waste a lot of our time rummaging around for lost keys — ten minutes per day. Another issue that comes with lost keys are the possibility of people finding them and making copies of them. If you ever lose keys permanently, it may be a good idea to change your locks and have new keys made.

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